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Use the Originality.ai coupon code “AFFTWEAKS25” to get 25% off on your purchase. Less

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Sign up with our link and access Orginality.ai Free Trial. Less

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Originality.ai Brief Overview

  • 🎯 99% Detection Accuracy: Originality.ai provides highly accurate AI detection and plagiarism checking.
  • 🖋️ Built for Publishers, Agencies, and Writers: The platform caters to the needs of web publishers, content agencies, and writers.
  • 💳 Credit Card Required on Signup: A credit card is required for signing up on Originality.ai.
  • 💼 Trusted by Industry Leaders: Originality.ai is trusted by industry leaders in the field of content publishing.
  • 💻 Web Publisher Benefits: Web publishers can ensure their content is original, detect AI-generated or plagiarized content, and conduct bulk site scans to assess the risk of future AI updates from Google.
  • 📊 Content Agency Advantages: Content agencies can manage teams, verify original content at scale, and enhance content readability to deliver quality work to clients.
  • ✍️ Writer Benefits: Writers can prove their authorship, share content scan results, save time, and optimize content readability for better rankings.

Originality.AI Coupon & Review

With the recent boom in AI copywriting tools, we have seen a rise in GPT-3 based writers. If you are into writing, you would know about Google's updated spam policy which asks for original content and penalizes the content written with AI. Still, there was yet to be a tool discovered to detect AI-generated content until Originality.AI came into sight.

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Product Name Originality.AI
Product Type AI & Plagiarism Detector
Originality.AI Key Features
  • AI Content Detection
  • Readability
  • Content Detection
Originality.AI Target Audience
  • Content Agency
  • Content Writer
  • Web Publisher
  • SEO Experts
Originality.AI Pricing $0.01 per 100 words
Originality.AI Free Trial Yes (50 Free Credits)

Originality.AI Competitors

  • OpenAI Text Classifier
  • GPTZero.me
  • CopyLeaks.com
  • Writer.com

How much can I save using Originality.AI coupon?

Check out the table below to get an idea on how much you can save using the verified Originality.AI coupon from AICoupon.pro:

Originality.AI  coupon offer Originality.AI coupon description Deal Activation

500 free credits Originality.AI promo code

Select the Originality.ai 2000 Credit Bundle and scan 50000 words (500 credits) for free.



Originality.AI Coupon code

Use the Originality.ai coupon code “AFFTWEAKS25” to get 25% Off on your purchase.


50 Credits for Free Originality.ai coupon

Avail 50 credits (5000 words scan) with Origiality.ai coupon.

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Access Originality.ai Free Trial

Sign up with our link and access Orginality.ai Free Trial.

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How to activate the Originality.AI coupon code?

Here are the steps to help you apply Originality.AI coupon code to get the maximum discounts.

STEP 1: Select the preferred Originality.AI coupon and click on ‘Get Code/Get Deal’ button to be redirected to the official Originality.AI website. Click ‘Signup now’ to create your account with the correct information.



STEP 2: Click on NEXT after filling out the correct details.


Signup for Originality.AI

STEP 3: Enter valid information about your address, Country, etc.


Originality.AI Billing details


STEP 4: Copy the coupon code ‘AFFTWEAKS25’ from here and paste it on the Coupon code box as shown in the picture.

Note: Make sure to copy the coupon code without the punctuation marks.

Originality.AI Promo Code

STEP 5: The final step is to select the preferred payment mode and enter the correct details.

Voila! Your work is done. Now you have availed the special offer and grabbed a 25% discount on your favourite content detection tool, i.e., Originality.AI.

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We believe in delivering promising results, making our coupon codes the most authentic of all. Below are the reasons why ‘AFFTWEAKS25’ is the best Originality.AI coupon code for you.

  • 100% working coupon code: At AICoupon.pro, we build trust with our customers and verify any product/service before putting it on your table. So, you know that whatever you are getting is 100% authentic.
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Originality.AI Benefits

Well, if you are still deciding to purchase Originality.AI and are unaware of the advantages, we have got you covered. Read out the features listed below to know about the benefits:

  • API for AI detection:Users can integrate with Originality.AI's API to keep working on their existing workflow.
  • Increase website authority: If you publish utterly original content, it will automatically increase your website's authority.
  • Boost traffic: The increase in the website's authority will result in boosting the website traffic.
  • Accurate results: Whether the content is copied from any website or generated through an AI copywriting tool, nothing can be saved from this AI-Powered content detection tool's eyes.
  • Plagiarism detection tool: It has an inbuilt plagiarism checker to check the plagiarised/unoriginal content. You do not have to hop on the different platform to check content for plagiarism.
  • Chrome extension: The tool offers Chrome extension so you can check any piece of content while writing, viewing, editing or publishing.
  • Text Readability: To make compelling content, Originality.AI even works to detect the readability of your texts so that the readers can easily understand them.

How is Originality.AI better than other content detection tools?

content detection tools


Originality.AI is highly accurate content detection software favored by writers and business owners. It can detect texts generated from various AI models with 96% accuracy. It is a powerful tool for content marketers, web publishers, and content agencies, working effectively on email, Google Docs, WordPress, and other websites.

Originality.AI accuracy: How accurate are the results?

We tested Originality.AI on a Rytr review article with both human-written and AI-generated content. The tool delivered quick and impressive results, although it may not be 100% accurate as the tool itself claims to deliver 96% accuracy. It's a valuable tool for gaining insights and ensuring content authenticity from writers.


Originality.AI accuracy


Originality.AI pricing plans: How much does it cost?

Originality.AI Pricing Plans


To scan every 100 words (1 credit), it costs $0.01. So for 25k credits, it will cost up to $250. The Originality.AI pricing is a bit expensive as it offers good value for money. But if you are here, you do not have to worry about the cost as now you have the chance to grab up to 25% off with the Originality.AI promo code, i.e., ‘AFFTWEAKS25’. After availing of the coupon code, the same plan will cost you $187.5. Below is the table to give you a clear idea about the discounted pricing after applying our exclusive Originality.AI coupon code.

Number of credits Actual Price Discount code Discounted price
2k $20 AFFTWEAKS25 $15
5K $50 AFFTWEAKS25 $40
10K $100 AFFTWEAKS25 $80
25K $250 AFFTWEAKS25 $187.5
50K $500 AFFTWEAKS25 $400
100K $1000 AFFTWEAKS25 $800


Don’t miss the opportunity, as the offer is for a limited time period.


In conclusion, Originality.AI is a powerful content detection tool that can accurately identify AI-generated content and plagiarism. It offers valuable features such as AI content detection, readability analysis, and plagiarism checking. With available Originlaity.AI discount codes at AICoupon.pro, users can save big on their subscriptions. As a user, we definitely recommend using it to check for false content detection and coming up with high-quality content in the end.

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